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About Us

Started in 2007, Kamani journeyed to fill a void is the Islamic clothing industry - to combine timeless values of modesty and faith with contemporary designs. Wearing Islamic attire should be desired, comfortable and trendy instead of what it had become: an antique, reserved for yearly holidays, and a socially awkward appearance. Kamani strives to change this narrative and replace it with a vision where thobes are available for all occasions and styles; whether it be for a meeting, a wedding or to pull over one's clothes for Salaah after basketball practice.

The aspiration of the Kamani Brothers took them through many different obstacles and challenges as they worked through creating designs, finding suppliers, manufacturing fabrics, producing products, managing websites and working with customers. It's been a long journey since they started but an incredibly fulfilling and exciting one. 

Every collection of Kamani is created with hand selected fabrics to compliment it's design and is finished with quailty stitching from experienced tailors. The end result is an irresitable product that will prove, time and time again, to be your favorite.

The heart of the company is YOU-our customers; who support us, help us improve and have faith in us. Your satisfaction will always be one of our top priorities. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at so we can assist you. We hope to continue seeing you visit over the years! 

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